Kuya Daniel Razon celebrates 32nd year of Service to God through a benefit concert “In The Eyes of a Child”

Quezon City, Philippines. Kuya Daniel Razon is celebrating his 32nd year in service to God through concert-for-a-cause, “In the Eyes of a Child” this November 23, 2015 that would benefit children living and working in the streets.

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Different institutions like Boystown had benefited for a week feeding program and requested mono blocks.

Special guest performers include the following:Darren Espanto, Gwyneth Dorado, Chacha Cañete, Myka Cloma, Wanlu and His Puppets, Halili Cruz School of Ballet, KNC Hosts, KNC Chorale, Aaron Razon, Joshua Razon and Stephen Capulong

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Upon managing UNTV, Mr. Daniel Razon had stayed the stations’ vision and advocacy.  Public service. He was recognized by different award-giving bodies such as the “Makabata Award” from Anak TV Foundation for its child friendly shows.

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See you at the Smart Araneta Coliseum !!!!





The Seven Rays Emanating from Heaven, Graças a Deus!!

After the celebration of the Christian New Year of the Members Church of God International, the 1st of Nissan 5774 in the 31st of March, 2014, continues with the 3-day celebration of the church International Thanksgiving.

[ Photo credit : Members Church of God International]

photo credit: Israel Dedicatoria

This made history as South America hosts this momentous event of the 3-day Thanksgiving of the Body of the Members Church of God International and the celebration of 50 years of Service to God of Bro. Eli Soriano, broadcast simultaneously in different monitoring sites all over the globe.

photo credit: Israel Dedicatoria

The fulfillment of the prophecy in the Bible unfolds as the delegates from different countries gave their messages using their respective dialects.


First Day of International Thanksgiving

The celebration started by singing of the whole congregation and Doxology is sung with their own native tongue. Simultaneously.  So serene that a pin-drop is heard.

The Presiding Minister of Members Church of God International, Bro. Eliseo Soriano is welcomed with standing ovation.



photo credit: Israel Dedicatoria

I thank God because of all of you. Agradeço a Deus por causa de todos vocês. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Dios mga kapatid dahil sa inyong lahat. Because I have known… I was given the opportunity to serve you. For the last 50 years of my life, I’m thanking God that in spite of the difficulty I met along the way, all of the problems of persecutions everyday, every hour, until now,  let all praises be unto Our Creator.” —  Bro. Eli Soriano


Bro. Eli said that it is the work of God that made His teachings be understood by the different languages in different countries.


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 “The pleasure of God is not accident. It is something that is destined to happen.”  —  Bro. Daniel Razon 

Second Day

After more than an hour of presentation of the history of the locales in the South America, a poetic debate followed. The hard-hitting words with a twist of the “Filipino-way” of debate which Bulakenyos is known for. Sis. Luzviminda Cruz – Principal of the La Verdad Christian School, Bro. Danny Navales – church minister and Bro. Rodel Mangiliman – also a church minister, served as the moderator (Lakandiwa).  At the end of the poetic debate, Bro. Eli Soriano weighed and decided that it was a fair win for the two opponents.

poetic debate
Poetic debate: Sis. Luz Cruz, Bro. Danny Navales and Bro. Rodel Mangiliman (moderator)

After greeting the brethren of different delegations, he opened up another inspiring lesson. It is a fact that Bro. Eli’s preaching went through the most tough and probably the most controversial of all preachers. This is one of the reasons to celebrate because of the enlightened souls with his frankness that made his opponents tongue-tied.

Third Day

Seven rays emanating while Bro. Daniel is speaking to the congregation

Efésios 2:12 – estáveis naquela época sem Cristo, separados da comunidade de Israel, estranhos às alianças da Promessa, sem esperança e sem Deus no mundo.

 Efeso 2:12 –  recordad que en ese tiempo estabais separados de Cristo, excluidos de la ciudadanía de Israel, extraños a los pactos de la promesa, sin tener esperanza, y sin Dios en el mundo.


Speaking in tongues.   While other preachers pretend to speak to an unknown language that even themselves do not understand, the Members Church of God International do speak in tongues! There were at least four languages delivered during this event.

Everyone in their native languages had heard and understood the words of hope and salvation. Tears of joy coming from a heart that understood. Spanish, Portuguese, English and Tagalog translators were present in this celebration.

7 rays emanating
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Bro. Eli showing the picture of the 7 rays to the congregation





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Kudos, Bro. Eli for 50 years of Service to God!!!

“I am just an ordinary listener being entertained by this man – so straight-forward yet too late have I noticed. I have been hooked, fell in love and understood the teachings of God.”


BE50years  (photo: https://www.facebook.com/BroEliseoSoriano/photos_stream)


Who would have thought that the person being belittled by the different pastors in the province of Apalit, Pampanga would made a journey that had been changing and touching lives through his preachings coming straight from the Bible?

Bro. Eliseo SorianoBro. Eli as he is called cannot be mistaken from any other pastors nor his name, per se. It is always in coordinate with as the host of the longest-running religious program, Ang Dating Daan,  and the Presiding Minister of  Members Church of God International.

It is just amazing how God really moves in His mysterious ways. Truly, no one and no other pastor had ever done what Bro. Eli did.  From a small and humble vision for every Filipino to know the truth and to be free from the chains of faith that had been wrangled around our necks for centuries, the shy kid and 7th of eighth siblings, Bro. Eli is delivering the teachings of God into different language-speaking countries all over the globe.

Bro. Eli traveled not in the most flattering way. It’s a rocky one. Rocky to be stepped upon to those who lives in lies and shades away the truth. Rocky to those people who blatantly refuses to see the truth in the clearest thoughts and teachings in the Bible.

One blogger wrote, and I quote,

“Bro. Soriano’s persecution led him into exile but the fruit turned out into something good for the Church.”

[Published by Kotawinters, Thank You for the Sorrows]




Technology Intervenes…

From a man power of just 3, the broadcast of Ang Dating Daan made thru the airwaves. With its minimal airtime, the impact of such powerful and hard-hitting teachings had struck down even the most powerful religious denomination to the point of dragging the whole congregation to stop Bro. Eli in courts.

Despite all intrigues and death threats, communication technology is the only source that cannot be stopped by his accusers. Showing evidences, the undisputed Filipino televangelist had been sweeping awards that acknowledging all his efforts. Not only in radio but also in television programs, and to the most well-known gag show Bubble Gang; the same station that had brought Bro. Eli Soriano to bad light.

Bro. Eli Soriano’s official blog site, Controversy Extraordinary with a total of  4,065,126 page views. Facebook page with over 253, 459 likes, and his Twitter  account with more than 91.4 k  followers. This were just some Bro. Eli’s way of communicating not only to those in the congregation but also to those who were looking for the truth and in most cases, just to seek some “loopholes” in his teachings.

The astounding requests for Bro. Eli to visit different countries to propagate the teachings of  Our Lord Jesus Christ came to realization. Regardless to all the death threats of the influential religions joining forces for Bro. Eli to be put behind bars, specifically, Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo, Bro. Eli Soriano, setting aside his safety and grant the request of that other side of the globe.



To those who want Bro. Eli not to be seen in his native country, the Philippines, still, thank you. Half-hearted and the road in this journey facing loneliness, but still – thank you. This may sound silly… absurd to others, but if it wasn’t for that persecutions and death threats, the Members Church of God International had not gone its full bloom worldwide. Never had such a church seeing people who were hungry for the truth and spiritual awakening that had brought this teachings from the Bible like a double-edged sword. Cutting both ways.



In the eyes of the people, Bro. Eli, not only the most sensible preacher of our times but a philanthropist as well. With most of his works, really, having a heart to do good for others cannot be kept silent – for a long time. Despite the fact that he wanted it to be a secret, gratitude always prevails. With our todays society, old people seems a burden to them. But in the congregation that Bro. Eli Soriano leads, he had placed them in the front. Home for the Elderly is one of them and so many other to mention.

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Bro Eli and Bro Daniel gave Free Text booklets for the children studying at our MCGI Free School at La Verdad Christian School. To God be the Glory!




Countless people around the world seek rest to their souls. A time spent without blinking and thinking twice, Bro. Eli breathes and lives by the word of God. Thanks be to God for a preacher like you! A million thanks to God!



Surviving the Super Typhoon Yolanda through Faith


“I uttered a prayer to God to let me be held to that papaya tree.”

The heartbreaking tragedy that hit Tacloban City left many Filipinos mourning for friends, families and relatives whose lives were lost during the storm surge. Many accounts of survivors unfolded.

One of the most fascinating story is that a “kababayan” survived just clinging to a fragile papaya tree. To my surprise, this survivor is one of my lost acquaintance.

Arlene Verona, 34 years old from Tacloban City recounts her survival from the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) who clung to a papaya tree for dear life. This is her story:


“As the storm surge happens, we were still at our house as my father refused to evacuate. The reason is that, for so many times that storms had passed, our house stood still.   The storm stated around 5 in the morning. It continued as the wind blew even harder.

I am looking outside the window – worried because they are currently fixing the drainage and half of the roots of the coconut tree were on the ground. I saw when it shook to where I was standing. I instructed my family to move to the kitchen area. I am anticipating that it will fall into our house. At that time, the roofs were flying like papers; houses being smacked and woods were breaking. I immediately went to cover and we decided to take heed under the sink.

That storm is different from any other typhoons that we came across. My brother and I were texting. Updating him of what is happening to us. They were already in in evacuation center in Sugod, but there is no flood.

My sister called out our attention shouted that the water is already inside the house. We immediately emptied the water containers for everyone’s keep. As we hurriedly ran outside, the rush of water welcomed us. As we were running, I looked back and saw my father still closing the gates. I shouted for him to stop and just leave because he cannot do anything about it.

He insisted to lock the gates and my brother grabbed him leave the gates. As I was running, a splash of water smeared by eye. I barely see where I was going. There is a mini truck that is parked nearby. I immediately hopped at the back as I waited for the water to go up. People were shouting and all houses submerged before my eyes. Most of the people drowned while running away from their houses to main roads.

From the mini truck, I see roofs flying like papers. I saw my family together with other people, were waiting for the gate to open at a nearby apartelle. I was relieved, so I thought. The truck I was on turned over. I jumped on the waters together with the houses, roofs and woods.

It was too late when I noticed that I am already far from where I was washed out. I saw a walled vacant lot and saw a papaya tree. At that instance, I uttered a prayer to God to let me be held to that papaya tree. The gates were open and flood water swirled me inside like I was being guided to the papaya tree.

I curled by legs and an arm to the tree while my other arm I held the water can for protection from the flying roofs. Flood water is going at a rapid phase. All throughout, I am praying that the water would subside.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.48.18 PM

With only my head visible, with no one at that place, people  from the 3rd level of the house cannot do anything but to watch me hang on to my life.  Only prayers I can do at that moment because if that storm would continue much further, I will surely drown. Feeling a bit scared, but it was my trust in the Lord that saved me.  The papaya tree is already shaking as the wave go about in different directions. I just held tight.

“Kakababa kakababa ng baha, nauusal ko, salamat po sa Dios.”

 [As the water began to quiet, I uttered my gratitude to God.]

When it did subside and people found me, I’ve gotten weaker because I had poured it all hanging to a tree.  After an hour in the rough waters and an excruciating 20 minutes clinging on the papaya tree, possibly be drowned at that moment, a prayer to God is all I can do and although dying occurred my mind, my trust with the Lord prevailed.  That trust I envisioned. I trust the Lord He would protect me.

One of the people who rescued me is a friend of my brother who had seen me hanging on to the papaya tree. When they had brought me I even made an animated gesture greeting them. They are really glad that I had passed that storm without being hurt. There, I have seen people whose wounds were cut open. You can see through and bloods everywhere. We cannot do anything because even hospitals were washed out by the storm.

Her father Arturo, brothers Christian who is at another evacuation site and Arturo Jr., sisters Ibe and Maria Theresa with her month old daughter, baby Shang Shang had also survived the super typhoon.


“It was only after the storm surge that I clearly realized the disastrous picture that left the people of Tacloban. People were looting. No one cares and everyone was in search for food. Even the nearby town who is not badly affected also looted.

We knew that the owners let the people take everything. There were dead bodies lying everywhere. Identified corpses were claimed by families and relatives. My heart goes to those buried, together with the pile of wrecked houses and buildings.

Corpses were only removed after a week. The decayed bodies prevailed the town. The smell of dead body is different to that of dead animals. We always wear masks because of the smell makes us puke. Whenever we go out, we would ran because we cannot tolerate the smell of the decayed bodies laying around.

I don’t fear dead ones, but I cannot help to think that it was God’s will that it happened. People are so drawn into worldly things. They love to drink liquor. You cannot see restaurants that is not full of people. Parades of the graven image which they love to do even there is no occasion at all. They say that it is their vow.

It took us 9-10 days to make it to Manila. There were no means of transportation. The only thing that we want to do is to give thanks to God for this another chance of life.”

On December 14, 2013, together with other survivors, arrived at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

sis arlene
Arlene Verona, a survivor of the super typhoon Yolanda

Bizarre, but come to think of it, while everything is being washed off by the super typhoon, a fragile papaya tree and a woman that only clings to mercy, is something to ponder.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.”

— Proverbs 18:10