A WISHclusive Interview with Raggae vocalist Matisyahu shares Insights about the viral video of Bugoy Drilon’s cover of ‘One Day’

Manila, Philippines. [10/3/2016] WISHclusives DJ Alice had a chance to interview the “One Day” raggae singer  Matisyahu regarding the viral video that is currently rocketing the YouTube Channels and his thoughts about the Filipino singer, Bugoy Drilon.

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In less than a month of Bugoy’s performance of his cover, “One Day” on Wish 107.5‘s  YouTube channel has already over a million views and counting. When asked about his first impression while watching the video, he has this to say.

“I was blown away by, like this guy is really singing that song. So well, so amazing, with so much heart and soul and so talented, so right away I shared the post on my Facebook.”

For the complete interview of DJ Alice to raggae artist Matisyahu, just click below.

Bugoy Drilon covers “One Day”  @ Wish FM radio station -on-wheels