Valentines Day is a Hoax! The sad truth about Valentines Day

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This site is dedicated to the “she wolf” that suckled the orphans Romulus and Remus to survive the woods after the flooding. Drinking the milk of the she-wolf was somehow incorporated with the attitude of both brothers. They had soon founded the City of Rome in 753 B.C. The brothers had fought on who is taking over the city that ended up killing his own brother, Remus.

photo taken from Google
photo taken from Google

  “From your  Valentine.”

… the last three words written in cards and gifts every 14th of February — from your valentine. The ‘love month’ as they call it. To make someone special– special.  Prettiest flowers and chocolates wrapped in elaborate red wrappers with printed hearts. Anyone who is in a relationship can totally relate to this event.  Red is the color of the day that even families go out for fun wearing reds.  Needless to say, everything in this day is sparkly red. Coincidentally, this might be the most frustrating event if you are single and have no one to be with. Probability is, watching television alone – and not much surprise, a love story. 

When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Practiced in the early Christian Rome, Lupercalia, a pagan festival that is celebrated in the 15th  of February and the festivity begins by sacrificing a goat and a dog to the altar until their blood had dried up. The skin of these animals is shaved and made into strips or rawhide.  Men would run around naked and chase woman and whip their buttocks with the rawhides. Luperci, as the young nobles are called is derived from the word “lupa.” In an article by Leonhard Schmitz, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., Rector of the High School of Edinburgh, the goats and the dogs is appropriate for the sacrifice because of their remarkable sexual instinct, which animals are known.

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Where is the Lupercalia being held?

The Lupercalia  is built underground at the foot of the Palatine Hill. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the Palatine Hill is where the city of Rome started wherein the pre-historic remains were found. This is the fertility ceremony. Mainly, to make babies. While the pregnant ones that were being whipped believed to have a safe labor. The unmarried women who are whipped would receive fertile womb.  

photo: google
photo: google

But no one will forget the Valentines Day Massacre. This is the fight of two gangs — mobsters. A bloody warfare between gangsters Al “Scarface” Capone and George “Bugs” Moran — ironically, February 14th.


Is there a St. Valentine?

During the middle ages, a priest, by the name of Valentine, as Emperor Claudius ordered that all men is not permitted to marry and his reason is for the men to concentrate and engage in the battle without family to think. The priest, Valentine, secretly wed young couple. This had brought to the attention of the Emperor and sentenced his death.  While at his prison cell, his sympathizers were giving him red roses and letters to show support. 

Valentines through the years

This festivity had evolved into a different kind of celebration. From the pagan, lavish celebration to the more wholesome giving of cards, flowers and chocolates; minus the street slapping and an overly concentrated to drawing of names to future partners whose agenda is to make babies.

Today, Valentines Day is a billion-industry. $16 Billion, that is.  An article of Judith Aquino of the Business Insider, 10 entrepreneurs turned this day a $16 Billion Industry as follows:

·         Manufacturers of candy hearts like NECCO sold an approximate earnings of 100,000 pounds.

·         1-800- gets 1,000,000 new customers every Valentines Day.

·         Armellini Express, a trucking business that transports the mass production of flowers before Valentine’s Day.

·         John Sortino’s Vermont Teddy Bears – although this huggable bears shared their piece of controversies because of the messages this bears created, thus, sparked issues to the mental health professionals and PajamaGrams for both men and women.

·         Milton Hershey chocolates.

·         Roy Raymond’s Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie

·         Tiffany &Co.’s stationery and fancy goods emporium.

·         Joyce C. Hall’s Hallmark Cards

·         Benjamin Franklin’s concept of postal service.

Flirt-bot, an automated chat program to get victims provide details about themselves. E-mails that shows a heart icon that automatically downloads credit card numbers. Despite of the technology that humanity had been enjoying, it had turned against human itself by some scrupulous people taking advantage to this occasion and specially to people’s feelings.

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