Kaisa Para sa Pagbabago, The State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte

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Manila, Philippines. 7/24/2016   President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address  (SONA), tomorrow, July 25, 2016  is much awaited as the Filipinos had seen the radical changes since he was inducted to the presidency.

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“No Blaming Game”

Expect that the president would be summarizing its accomplishments and the 10-point economic agenda that he promised during the campaign.

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Dress Code – Business Attire

Yes, there will be no red carpet and fashion show like arrival of guests and family members and spouses attending the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the president. Unlike the previous SONA’s, this is the first time that they have set a dress code. Not more than knee length.

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According to Paola Alvarez, incoming Finance Department spokesperson, by implementing the dress code, the presidents message should be the focus and not dividing the limelight.

Downgrade the grand entrances and upgrading the statement to the nation. That is all that matters to the people. After all, it is for the people to know how the new president has done and future plans for the nation.

“Kaisa Para sa Pagbabago”

SONA themed “Kaisa Para sa Pagbabago” will start at 1 pm.


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