Bro. Eli Soriano to give 2 Million Pesos for Congregational Songs

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Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. [11/10/2019] A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival celebrated its 8th Year Grand Finals Night held at the New Frontier Theater  with its inspiring songs of praises.

The President and CEO of BMPI, Kuya Daniel Razon, thanked everyone for the 8 years of ASOP and shared that every time he finishes composing a song, never will he forget to thank God. “I am a poet. I am one of the undefeated poets in Bulacan. Most of my classmates often called me Andres Bonifacio. I already did 59 songs, one of those of which is Richard Raynoso.”

I am grateful, especially those composers, amateur composers,  and I am thinking that if a person thought of creating songs for God, they believe in God not unlike the Atheist. I am thinking of how to go extend further to reach up until 1 million pesos. We already created songs to almost anyone and anything and totally forgotten to create one for God.

(Naawitan na natin lahat pero maraming nakalimot na umawit sa Dios. Lagi nating isapusong magpasalamat sa Dios. Di natin kayang pantayan lahat ng ginawa niya. )


The panel of judges includes  Mr. Arnel Tipano, Buboy Garovillo, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ms. Lani Misalucha, Ben and Ben, Pambansang Suplado Doc. Mon del Rosario and Prof. Felipe de Leon.

Bro. Eli Soriano also acknowledged the presence of one of the members of Apo Hiking Society, Buboy Garovillo. “To the Suplado ng Bayan, I like the song, with praise and wisdom. Judges, Miguel Benjamin and Arnel Tipano. Also to Jackie Lou Blanco. I remembered your  mom, Pilita Corales, one of my favorite singers. We thought of inviting Ms. Lani Misalucha to Brazil. Singers here are being paid more than 1 million pesos and you are way better than them. We have a show on December, I would like to invite you on the 3rd week of December. Also to Professor de Leon, to the hosts, we are grateful to Richard and Tony Rose, we want to be with you until the end and also to the members of the Members Church of God International.” 

I like to share one thing, the song of Praise came from above. The song is as old as the universe. 4.5 billion years ago, the angels sang. It is older than the earth. In the book of Job 38:4-God showed Job his ignorance. God knows everything.  God himself sings, in Isaiah 5:1-God is speaking, the vineyard in the prophecy is the Lord, God sings, the Christians sings, the angels sings, and multitude of angels, singing is a part of eternity. This gave me hope.

A proposition from Bro. Eli Soriano

“Let us create songs, not only for individual singers, but also for congregational songs.”

For the next creations, I will shed some of my hard earned money, I will come up with a 2 million grand prize to create for congregational songs. Isang kanta na makakakanta ng buong komunidad at international. I want to encourage all people to make a song. I like to thank all singers, supporters, judges. Napakahalaga ng pagkanta.  



 Sa Di Mabilang na Tala by Carlo David and 50,000 pesos 


 Hosts of ASOP 200,000.00


Ethan Loukas  50,000.00


 Don’t Give Up 200,000.00


Sagwan  250,000.00 


 Tahan na  300,000.00


 Sa Di Mabilang na Tala  800,000.00 

Announcement: Year 1-6 will be able to listen to these praises of songs on Spotify.