MILAN band, Perfection, says Zeca Petry

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Pampanga, Philippines. [March 15, 2016].  Filipino band MILAN is slowly making waves in Brazil, particularly in Sta. Catarina, Florianopolis. At an ordinary Saturday, an unexpected guest came at the Restaurant. Zeca Petry,  guitarist of the famous band Expresso Rural, he heard a band singing live and caught his attention. They were performing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

He even took a video and shared it in his own Facebook account.

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Neste sábado, passeando pela Jurerê Internacional, passei em frente a um restaurante (Carvalho’s) que estava meio vazio mas a música vindo do interior me chamou a atenção. Eram clássicos mundiais dos Beatles, Bee Gees, Queen etc e fiquei impressionado ao ver que estava sendo executado por uma banda ao vivo. O restaurante é comandado por Filipinos e todos os músicos também são Filipinos. Ao final da apresentação (tocam das 20h as 22h) o pequeno público que frequentava o restaurante aplaudiu de pé com gritos de “Bravo” (meu inclusive). Confesso que nunca vi nada parecido em restaurantes na cidade e merece ser divulgado. Segue aqui uma amostra de Bohemian Rhapsody do Queen. Incrível a qualidade sonora e o talento dos caras

(Saturday strolling through the Jurerê International, I passed in front of a restaurant (Carvalho‘s) which was half empty but the music from inside caught my attention. World classics were the Beatles, Bee Gees, Queen etc and I was impressed to see that was being performed by a live band. The restaurant is run by Filipinos and all musicians are also Filipinos. At the end of the presentation (play 20h 22h) few audiences inside the restaurant gave a standing ovation with shouts of Bravo (my own included).  I confess that I‘ve never seen anything like it in restaurants in town and deserves to be disclosed. Here follows a sample of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Amazing sound quality and talent from the guys)

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Mais uma desse grupo Filipino. Agora Hotel Califórnia do Eagles. Reparem que ele chega a cantar sem microfone. É surreal, um restaurante simples e uma música dessa qualidade.
Eles irão tocar nessa quarta das 20h as 22h. Vamos todos prestigiá-los?
O restaurante é o “Carvalho’s” e fica no Open Shopping da Jurerê Internacional próximo a praia. Não cobram couvert e o restaurante é Buffet a kilo
Queria vê-los aplaudidos por muita gente. Nas duas vezes que fui, o restaurante estava vazio mas quem estava lá aplaudiu de pé

 (One more this Filipino group. Now Hotel California Eagles. Notice that he comes to sing without a microphone. It is surreal, a simple restaurant and music of this quality.
They will play this Wednesday from 20h to 22h. Let us all honors them?
The restaurant is the “Carvalho‘s” and is in the Open Shopping in Jurerê International close to the beach. They do not charge cover charge and the restaurant is Buffet the kilo
I wanted to see them applauded by many. Both times I went, the restaurant was empty but whoever was there gave a standing ovation.)


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Earlier Career of MILAN

Formerly known as Bl@h, their hit song Lasngag  this band from Bicol had already gained followers through their all-out performances. An energetic vocalist that is often compared to Jim Morrison. When Bl@h was disbanded, he again formed another one by the name of HAMMILAN. From then on, they had created hits like  Gandang Kupas, and the album entitled Diskarte.

They are even getting good reviews with their excellent performances, such as The Philippine Daily Inquirer.


Members: Milan – Vocals Renzy – Bass, Vocals Christine – Vocals Michael – Drums Anthony – Guitar, Vocals Joel – Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Jerico – Guitar, Vocals

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  “Nunca ouvi nada com essa qualidade e perfeição.”  -Zeca Petry




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