Good Morning Kuya and UNTV launches Free Breast Cancer Screening

UNTV‘s  morning news magazine/public service  program  Good Morning Kuya, hosted by Mr. Public Service, Kuya Daniel Razon,  introduced a new and painless way of curing and detecting cancer in the earliest possible procedure. This is by using Bio Radiometry and portable ultrasound.



Dr Alaa Abdelkarim
Dr. Alaa Abdelkarim is an Egyptian medical doctor, endocrinologist and family medicine specialist at Klinik Pertama. He is also the Head of Medical Research Department at Labdom Suisse Inc. Photo credit : UNTV


Using two non invasive techniques to screen and early diagnose breast cancer, Kuya Daniel immediately post an order to be delivered at  Clinic ni Kuya.  For 3 consecutive days, starting March 3, 2015  up to Friday,  March 5th, this is available free-of-charge. With this technology, women will not be afraid to be checked and spared from the pain that they are going through this process.

[Photo credit: Dr. Alaa Akarim]
[Photo credit: Dr. Alaa Akarim]

The traditional breast examination is done by placing each of the breast on a flat x-ray plate. To flatten the tissue, the breast is pushed down and squeezed tightly on the other side by a compressor and recorded in a computer for a 3-dimentional picture.
Dr. Alaa Abdelkarim  said that if the breasts were not immediately  diagnosed, it would take 15 years that  a person would be caught unaware that the cancer is at a critical stage. Their process is simple and painless.


[image from google]
[image from google]

And yes, man can also have breast cancer!

[image: google]
[image: google]

The person to be examined is first placed in a room  half naked so that the body would co-ordinate with the room’s temperature. After which the patient is ready to be examined. A scanner would scroll around to detect a hot lump around the breast. It is advisable to wear a two-piece clothing (e.g : blouse and skirt).

Dr. Akarim  pointed out that diagnosis means cure. Survival from cancer is estimated  15 years. But with the equipment, the patient is detected earlier and referred to be cured and operated. Kuya Daniel’s announcement for pain-free mammogram is another first in their long list of public services given to our fellow Filipinos.


[photo credit: Dr. Alaa Akarim]
Dr. Alaa Akarim in his clinic with the equipments for breast examination procedure.

With the process that costs a lot and a painful one, this device will help the majority of women not to shy away from being concerned for their health and actually submit themselves to the procedure.

Mr. Daniel Razon talking to Dr. Alaa Akarim
Mr. Daniel Razon talking to Dr. Alaa Akarim


This is one of the free services given by Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon and Clinic ni Kuya.

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