Bro. Eli Breaks Twitter record for the #Noynoyparin Campaign!

Manila, Philippines.  For 5 days, the hashtag #Noynoyparin stands since Bro. Eli Soriano first tweeted beating the record of Sarah Geronimo’s Sara G Day that sat for 4 days. On its  days in the Twitter trends, Bro. Eli campaigned for the support for the relatives of the Special Action Force (SAF) families and relatives.


As Bro. Eli Soriano rallied for the unification and support for the government and the masses. The Members Church of God International  (MCGI) is behind him in full support. Bro. Eli is giving an initial fund of P1 million for the beneficiaries.

His official Twitter account has 69.8K followers. No w wonder that his propagation of the word of God had been reaching its widest scope.


funds for the victims

Twitter is one of the powerful flatform in answering queries about faith. This time, for unity and helping hand.
Official Twitter account of Bro. Eli Soriano :

official page


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