Bro. Eli Breaks Twitter record for the #Noynoyparin Campaign!

Manila, Philippines.  For 5 days, the hashtag #Noynoyparin stands since Bro. Eli Soriano first tweeted beating the record of Sarah Geronimo’s Sara G Day that sat for 4 days. On its  days in the Twitter trends, Bro. Eli campaigned for the support for the relatives of the Special Action Force (SAF) families and relatives.


As Bro. Eli Soriano rallied for the unification and support for the government and the masses. The Members Church of God International  (MCGI) is behind him in full support. Bro. Eli is giving an initial fund of P1 million for the beneficiaries.

His official Twitter account has 69.8K followers. No w wonder that his propagation of the word of God had been reaching its widest scope.


funds for the victims

Twitter is one of the powerful flatform in answering queries about faith. This time, for unity and helping hand.
Official Twitter account of Bro. Eli Soriano :

official page


Bro. Eli Soriano to launch benefit concert for relatives of SAF 44

Bro. Eli Soriano, together with the Ang Dating Daan members, launched a 1 Million pesos fund raising event for starter in helping relatives who were left by the soldiers through a benefit concert.


1 million

The plead for unity and support for the government in this critical times is not an option and the ousting for the presidency is uncalled for.
After the hashtag #Noynoyparin trended for four consecutive days, Bro. Eli campaigns for unity amongst Filipinos. He urged Filipinos to stop blaming of what is beyond his control and to help our president and the fallen 44’s families and relatives to move on and to start a new.



This is not the first time that Members Church of God International had launched a charity event. One of the most memorable event is the benefit concert for the families of Maguindanao Massacre victims entitled Protest Broadcast on May 17, 2010 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.
As for the issues being thrown to the presidential seat, Speaker Sonny Belmonte is hopeful that the president would recover after the Mamasapano encounter. Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao said that politicians have their ups and downs but no doubt that Pnoy will surpass these issues.
Going strong after four days consecutive, allegations of some is that supporters are being paid to participate in the campaign for #Noynoyparin. To refute the accusations, netizens shared their sentiments to prove their sincerity in supporting the President.




tony santos




All contributions would be audited and forwarded to UNTV for public scrutiny.


Bro. Eli ignites Twitter two-days in a row! #NoynoyPaRin

Manila, Philippines. #NoynoyPaRin still sits on the Philippine Trend after Bro. Eli Soriano ignites Twitter on February 16. Ricardo Cardinal Vidal asked for President Benigno Aquino Jr.’s resignation regarding the Mamasapano encounter. Stepping down to his seat is what the National Transformation Council called for. With the hashtag #NoynoyPaRin, supports from different sectors such as the Members Church of Christ International to different religious beliefs shared their opinions that even reached the other parts of the globe.

 Mandated by the Philippine Constitution, Bro. Eli tweeted:



With its second day, call for Pnoy to stay put is astounding still on the second spot on the Twitter Philippine Trends.


Everything that he stands is based on the Bible as he added this verse :

verses and tweets

He reminded the cardinals that the Filipino people voted for him.

noynoy did not grab power

Different media sites had been a tool in sending out grievances and opinions, and so far, social media sites such as Twitter had been helping to send out public awareness. Bro. Eli cannot be stopped in telling what the Filipino people should be cautious and concerned about.