UNTV Dedicates Anniversary for the Elderly

Quezon City, Philippines. ElderPowerment is this year’s #UNTV Big 10, Bigger, Better, Broader theme held in two venues – the World Trade Center and at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City. UNTV’s ‘Caring for the Elderly’ campaign won Best TV Public Service Announcement of the 22nd KBP Golden Dove Awards.

[photo: untv]
[photo: untv]

One-Stop Shop that our elders can avail on free legal and document assistance like ID processing, GSIS and SSS; medical and dental services which is provided by the volunteers from different fields.  Mr. Daniel Razon believe that age is not a hindrance to make a living. These jobs were specifically for their age and still attain productivity.

Today, home for the elderly had been built in different places to accommodate far places and as far as other countries like Sao Paolo, Brazil from its main location in ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

One of the stations program is to make the dreams of our fellowmen come true by assisting them financially to start a small business. One of the recipient is Lolo Lazaro “Aro” Ciervo, not only for himself but particularly his two other siblings that received this gift, presented by Bro. Danny Navales of Ang Dating Daan. A small business that would mean a lot for Lolo Aro.


Lolo Aro, recipient of Munting Pangarap
Lolo Aro, recipient of Munting Pangarap


With the partnership with DFA, PhilPost, PVAO, GSIS, SSS, PhilHelth, OSCA and DSWD made the event successful. One of the supporters of this occasion is the Presiding Minister of The Members Church of God international, Bro. Eli Soriano who shares the same vision since the beginning. At an earlier part of the Program, a discussion about how to deal with the elderly and what to do to help them to their special needs as volunteer doctors and different medical practitioners gathered for this special event for our elders.

Philippine Army Free Hair cut [photo: UNTV]
Philippine Army Free Hair cut [photo: UNTV]

Aside from the Elderpowerment, UNTV Rescue Summit would also educate our fellow Filipinos what to do in case of an unexpected calamities and eventualities. This would also showcase the different rescue vehicles that is available in times of catastrophe.

[photo: UNTV ]
[photo: UNTV ]

An announcement is also made for the groundbreaking of the New UNTV Broadcast Center at the heart of Quezon City.



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